Three companions of the imaginary variety.

February 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

This is Ovie.

Ovie leans towards things that it likes – such as this attractive leaf. This is how Ovie communicates.

Ovie’s owner started a garden and developed an interest in botany. To reflect this new hobby they changed Ovie’s appearance. It looked like a pear.

As a result of all this botanical exploration, Ovie increasingly resembled a plant.  Its eyes looked like seeds and it became known as Corm, which is similar, but not to be confused with a bulb.

Here is Myo. Myo’s creator has intended to make an endearing  heart-shaped companion with beautiful expressive eyes. There were problems. The mechanics never functioned correctly, which meant that Myo couldn’t move, and faulty engineering made the components heat up and become hazardous. The only things that moved were Myo’s eyes, which looked helpless and desperate as they slid back and forth in their large glassy membranes. Myo’s creator did not particularly enjoy being in its presence, but felt guilty for not displaying a higher quality of workmanship, so tried to interact and spend time with Myo often.  

This is Humble Robot. Or at least it will be. Humble robot does not yet exist beyond being a coordinate on a screen that will eventually grow into something. In theory Humble Robot will consist of many parts, all of which perform their own tasks and work as a whole. They will talk to and protect each other. Humble robot has a solid understanding of electronic components and is aware that they can be sensitive and are not to be touched. It may over time development intelligent mechanisms to protect these parts from a damaging human touch…


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