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There is an area of robotics called Lovotics!! This field attempts to achieve a genuine sense of love and attachment between people and robots. So happy right now…


My favourite quote today.

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“How will my toaster ever get better, making toast the way I prefer, unless it has some pride?”

-Donald A Norman Emotional Design

Another highlight:

“The actions of a kitten or human baby may be judged fun and cute, but the very same actions performed by a cat or human adult can be judged irritating or disgusting.”

The designery desk.

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Your desk is design too.


Much inspired by Julia and Ellen Lupton’s manifesto which proclaims: Design is everywhere! Here is my desk. Which also fits in with their statement: design is a mess. Time to go home I think.

Sporatic curiosity explosion.

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Today I have read Ulla-Maaria Engeström’s Draft Craft Manifesto, which attempts to identify some of the driving reasons behind the popular contemporary craft movement, the article Qualitative Methods: from Boring to Brilliant where Christopher Ireland chronicles the development of qualitative research methods in product design and have begun to read Donald A. Norman’s Emotional Design: why we love (or hate) everyday things which presents some fascinating information about emotions and how they affect our response to objects. So, as a result of mentally mashing these topics together in my coffee addled brain, I have come up with some half-baked questions: What is the emotional response to a handmade object? What are the aesthetic clues to something being handmade? Do people respond well to the appearance of ‘homemade’ or with a level of distrust? Do we believe handmade objects to be less efficient than mass-produced? Is the lack of market testing and factor at all when buying something handmade? If you buy a soft toy from a craft fair, is market research, testing or focus groups factors that cross your mind? Does the joy of a unique object outweigh the fact that it is not specifically developed and streamlined for you specifically?

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